The Roadmap

One Region Roadmap is the next evolution of the One Region Strategy launched in 2016. It begins a new strategic planning and public input process, providing a broad platform for the community to address economic challenges old and new — and to prepare for challenges yet to come.

In this planning process we will address economic challenges heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as threats to our region’s economic prosperity and global competitiveness.

The ultimate success of One Region Roadmap lies in its ability to create real change.
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Strategic Priorities

COVID-19 impact priorities:
  • Preventing and recuperating from business closures
  • Recovering from inequitable job and income losses
  • Addressing homelessness and growing housing insecurity
Longer-term economic priorities:
  • Advancing broadband and technology access
  • Preparing for remote work business models
  • Understanding and planning for the changing retail consumer
  • Laying the groundwork for automation and artificial intelligence
  • Advancing new vehicle technology and services locally

Strategies to address major economic changes will be tailored to reflect the region’s diverse geographic contexts.

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