One Region is a regional partnership formed to strengthen our economy and produce opportunities for all residents by delivering strategies and actions that make a difference in all people’s lives.

One Region Roadmap: Opportunities for All is the next evolution of the One Region Strategy launched in 2016. It begins a new strategic planning and public input process, providing a broad platform for the community to address economic challenges old and new — and to prepare for challenges yet to come.

This effort is made possible through a U.S. Economic Development Administration grant secured by the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments, with additional support from partner agencies.

Regional prosperity is linked to an area’s ability to prevent, withstand, and quickly recover from major impacts to its economy. As diverse and dynamic as the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester region is, our economy was not immune to the impacts of COVID-19. As our people and businesses continue to recover, our region needs a robust, proactive, and actionable roadmap to economic prosperity, stability, and equitable opportunities for all.

The ultimate success of One Region Roadmap lies in its ability to create real change.

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One Region Roadmap is led by One Region stakeholders including: